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Default Re: ricky burns-kevin mitchell

Originally Posted by Ring Master
Wow that's crazy.
You are right thats crazy, for a supposed mad Mayweather nuthugger to come in & attack me, when I am well known to everyone as the only Hatton hater on ESB, I dont see why you would hate me for backing your boy.

Jeez, I hate to think you are an alias, but thats the vibe im getting right now. & that saddens me! Thats forum life for you though, gotta trust your gut instincts. Maybe Im being paranoid, but cos you are paranoid, doesnt mean the *******s arent out to get you!

Therefore I have to cross you off my friends list Ring master, cos that post was way out of character for a supposed Mayweather fan who has had many conversations with me in the past & knows how I roll...
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