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Default Re: Mediocre fighters with great one-punch-power

Originally Posted by Luigi1985
I mean not elite fighters who were great allround-punchers like Ike Williams, Joe Louis, etc. for example, I mean for example mediocre journeymen, clubfighters, at the best contenders who were very dangerous, when they land something good and precise that the lights were out, here some examples:

Charley Retzlaff
Bert Cooper
Fred Fulton
Eduardo Lausse
Vick Patrick
I'm going to have to pull you up on Vic Patrick here Luigi.

Yes he had great power but he wasn't mediocre by any stretch of the imagination.He was a somewhat awkward southpaw who by all accounts looked to be clumsy but this style worked for him.He basically pawed with the right hand,using it as a range finder,before zeroing in with his devastating left hand which generally ended the fight soon after.

He compiled a 52-4-1 (45) ko's record in a particularly strong era for Australian boxing and beat top local talents like Tommy Burns,Hockey Bennell,Eddie Miller and ex-World champ Tod Morgan.His loss to 40's Lightweight contender Freddie Dawson is reputed to be one of the best fights in Australian boxing history and this fight occured a few years past Vic's prime.

If the war hadn't intervened Vic may have made an impact on an international level but either way his record shows him to be a very good fighter.

Darryl Pinckney is a better example of a mediocre fighter who possessed great one punch power I think.
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