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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Yep they are all 50/50 matchups, and not even the type where its obvious who will win.

Nobody has a stylistic edge in Hall/Pryce, but Pryce has better experience. Pryce is likely too slick, but at the same time he's at his worst under pressure.

Khan has no chin and we don't know what Barrera really has left.

Martinez is an unknown quantity. But I'd say the best value of the evening could be Cook on PTS. The kid can box but his power is nothing. The bookies must know something we don't with Martinez, I wouldn't put much, but I've not really bothered researching this guy yet. Maybe when I get home. From the little I saw on Barrera/Khan countdown he looked pretty wild and crude, but big and strong. Good chance Cook outboxes him for a close decision if thats typical for him.
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