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Originally Posted by PowerPuncher
Homicidal Hank

Haglers comp is below Robinsons. If you include Haglers wins over Welters (despite them blowing upto MW) then include Robinsons.

Hagler got outpointed by Leonard, which hurts his MW legacy, Robinsons past prime losses shouldn't be held against him, ie the 1s after retirement
Look, Homicide Hank was great, no doubt about it, and he nearly won the middleweight title, but I think that if you are going to downgrade Hagler's resume on the basis of him fighting Duran because Duran was a lightweight, then you will have to do the same for Robinson for fighting Hank because Hank was a featherweight. Even then, that fight was at welterweight. And that is my point! Duran was fighting at middleweight and was settled in. Armstrong was settled into welterweight, but Robinson fought him at welterweight, not middleweight. It's the fact that they fought at middleweight that counts. So you can't count Armstrong or any of Robinson's welterweight opponents in assessing his middleweight legacy. I think if you think about it a little bit you will agree. Overall legacy, absolutely, but middleweight legacy, no.

On the matter of losses, Hagler never lost to a middleweight in a title fight. Even if you want to say Leonard beat him, that was still past Hagler's prime. Robinson lost to Turpin and had a devil of a time with him in the rematch. It's hard to imagine Hagler having trouble with Turpin.
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