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Default Re: Mike Tyson v.s Sonny Liston (Bareknuckles)

ur a stupid ****ing geek why the **** do i wanna spell words correctly im not writing an english speech im on the internet u re**** i got no time to punctuate as long as u can read it its good enough what the **** does that have to do with boxing anyway,,,, mike tyson im sure knows how to punch without gloves by the way,,, that wasnt the point my point is that look at what happens to a mans face when he is punched by a bare knuckle tyson,,, those old skool fighters took hours to mess someone up that bad,, doesent that right there prove a point?? do u think john L sullivan could do that to mitch green in such a short period of time??? if he couldnt do it to old skool outta shape doughy looking fatasses ,,, sorry im not at all convinced that these old fighters could stand any chance against the modern era,,,,, bak to the tyson-liston arguement,,,,, listons reach etc, would not come into play... its a bare knuckle fight speed is all that counts all tyson needs to do is jump inside quickly and uppercut,left hook combo ,,, and there go some facial bones.
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