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Default ARTHUR Vs GOMEZ WHY?????

It seems to be going around just now that a rematch is on the cards between these guys, but why?

Don't get me wrong the 1st fight was FOTY but, does Arthur need Gomez?

Seems like Gomez needs Arthur more than Arthur needs Gomez. After the 1st fight was Gomez willing to give Arthur a rematch? No chance was he giving him a rematch. He was more interested in getting into contention for a world title fight. Until that collapsed.

Now after his career has hit a brick wall and he's looking to make some money, he starts calling out Arthur again.

Well now is the time for Arthur to be more interested in Guzman and the rest of the big names at SFW. He's went down the long and hard road at domestic and European level to get in contention at world level. He deserves to be where he is and I personally believe he belongs at that level.

So why should he waste his time with Gomez? He doesn't need Gomez, and Gomez has done Jack **** to deserve it!

If the shoe was on the other foot would Gomez give him the opportunity?
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