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Default Re: Who tested Marciano's chin?

Originally Posted by Stonehands89
Marciano's chin was tested more than other more technically sound fighters because Marciano ate more shots flush. He was not a defensive wizard, he was not adept at rolling with shots. He was offensively minded and while Goldman brought him to get low and weave and move his head, he was not hard to find. He was also coming forward and wading into shots.
That's a good point that needs to be considered. Marciano was always there to be hit in his fights. Looking at his opposition he faced Louis (old but still a powerful puncher), Walcott (who decked Louis twice and did a spectacular one-punch KO over Charles), Charles (who killed a man in the ring), Moore. That's not just decent punchers, but world class fighters who had precision and timing as well. Against these and all others, Marciano was only really hurt once vs Walcott. Both his knockdowns were more a matter of being off-balance and getting hit hard, rather than any kind of weakness being shown in his chin. He got up fast both times and continued with no problem at all.

That's a pretty solid record. I mean who else had a clearly superior chin?

Louis - Knocked down loads of times and KOd a couple of times too.
Liston - KOd twice by Ali, hardly a big power puncher.
Ali - Great chin but he was knocked down by Henry Cooper, Frazier, Shavers
Holmes - another very good chin, but knocked down by Shavers and KOd by Tyson.
Tyson - knocked out several times
Lewis - 2 KOs vs fringe contenders

As we can see, Marciano has a very competitive record of resilience compared to other top heavyweight champions. The only quesiton mark is that he did not face really big power punchers like Foreman, Tyson, Shavers. That is enough to stop us saying he had the best ever chin, sure. But on his record he had a very solid chin indeed. There are very few boxers who have fought world class opposition and never been stopped. Marciano is one of them. As a naturally small man for the heavyweight division, that surely proves he had a great chin.
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