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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Carlos mate I just did tire flips. Yes you heard that right I did strength training like exercise without being paid for it. I bet your proud of me now

I need a few more exercises, it's at an old factory so I don't have any equipment except the tires I'm afraid. Perhaps you have some ideas to extend this circuit with:

800 yards run (around the factory)
10 tire flips
20 pushups
40 crunches
1 minute shadowboxing

I guess I could do burpees and such but I do those during boxing warming up already.
Awesome! I will post some dozzy's when I return from work.

add pullups

leg raises from pullup position in place of crunches.

5 plyo clap pushups every other round of your circuit

Shadoww boxing is good, very good. May want to consider adding ankle weights every other round in the future.

Very Very exciting indeed mate. Godspeed.
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