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Default Re: Rudd is f***d...

Actually Kel, it came up from time to time during the last election. But for some reason the labor leader had in mind that he wanted a positive campaign. It turned out bad and now labor is joining the libs in the America style negative trash campaign. It has been the response in parliament for a couple of years now when Howard has baged on about Labors interest rate history. Howard has remained pretty quiet out of shame when the response has been made. I dont expect Labor to drive this home to hard because as anyone with an understanding of interest rates and economys knows the interests rates of the time are always linked to the rest of the world and the conditions of the time. Labor implemented some tough economic initiatives and the result was painfull for a time, but is the main reason why our economy has run so well for the past ten years. Howard has been lucky for ten years. Its over for him now though, he is gone. Which is great because he is a racist old peice of shyte.
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