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Default Re: Ali's Prime Opposition

Originally Posted by Mendoza
Solid points. But in the end, Ali beat the best competition, which makes him #1. The man had TKO wins over Liston, Frazier, and Foreman. These three are almost always viewed as top 15 heavies. They are often viewed as top ten. In some cases Foreman, Liston and Frazier are seen as the top 5 ( 4 or 5 ) heavies.

I beleive three key fights, one gift decision, and two fights that did not happen make Ali #1. The 3rd Frazier fight, the Foreman fight, and a gift decision in the 3rd Norton fight. I will elaborate a bit.

1 ) The rubber match between Ali and Frazier gave the winner an edge over the other. It was a great fight!

2 ) Ali's key win is over Foreman. Foreman blew out Frazier and Norton, and was a feared man in his prime. Ali took the title from him.

3 ) The third factor is Norton. If Norton had an official 2-1 edge over Ali, Ali could not be viewed as the greatest. Sorry, itís true.

Now for the two fights that did not happen. Ali is lucky Foreman did not lose to Lyle via TKO/KO ( and it was close to happening ), or fight Holmes and lose, because if he did, Foreman's value isn't the same. However Holmes value goes through the roof.

Ali is also lucky Holmes did not fight a post Manila Frazier, because Holmes would have knocked a past his prime Frazier out.

If you give Holmes a win over Foreman or Frazier, and give Norton the 3rd fight vs Ali ( 2-1 in the series ) plus Holmes pasting of Ali, I honestly believe we have a new #1 heavyweight.

-Summary Holmes beat Norton. Ali loses the series to Norton 1-2.

-Holmes beats Foreman by doing a Jimmy Young take two, or beats a past his prime Frazier. Same as Ali. Pick one.

-Holmes pounds a past his prime Ali in 1980...just like it happened.

- Holmes makes it to 48-0 with a loaded ď name resume ď only losing to age to Spinks, then gets robbed in the re-match.

Of course this is a what if speculation, but after studying the time lines and style match ups things could have broke Holmes way.
Everything here is speculation.
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