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Default Re: ARTHUR Vs GOMEZ WHY?????

Originally Posted by AAA
Gomez would be a good win for Arthur to have. Would really set the record straight somewhat. In saying that, it would be doing Gomez a massive favour to give him another shot with Arthur. They are different ends of the ladder this time around.

As for a tougher opponent, that comes with it's own risks. If Arthur is pretty much guarenteed Guzman (or a title shot either way), why take the risk of losing it by fighting a danger man?

To beat a tougher opponent would be of more lose is unthinkable.

That's the thing though it wouldn't be setting the record straight, if Gomez was at the top of his game then it would be setting the record straight.

Arthur would be fighting a Gomez that would get him no credibility.

If he loses then it means he's not at that level, and to be at that level you have to fight the best regularly.

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