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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Originally Posted by waynesmale
I cant believe this Ben Cousins was hanged for using ice (as rumored) but every is defending Joey Johns (if he is taking it that is) If his story is true which i find funny and hard to believe but is possible but if he is lying that even adds more to the fact he has let his fans down.

I dont care who or what you are but drugs is just a sign of TOTAL WEAKNESS and i respect no man or woman who does it because they are weak. Any man that has to take drugs to make himself better is no man plain and simple.

People trying to prove What to other people? In this case and many big name stars it all comes down to the fan breaking them down piece by piece and the weight of the world on their shoulders and maybe just maybe if this is all true Johns couldn't handle it as the same with Ben Cousins.

Many know i don't agree with Mundine alot but i totally agree with his idea of no drinking and no drugs i mean why poison your body when you can perfect it with training. Having a drink now and again is fine but why destory your body with get wasted and drugs when you can only make yourself stronger each day with training. When your paied to do that there should be no limits to being perfect and drinking and drugs should be banned simple as that.
The total weakness **** is the most self righteous **** i have heard in a while. How does it make him or anyone else for that matter less of a man? What a joke. Why don't you go ask Katsidis about drugs mate. From what I have heard from multiple sources he is no stranger in that regard. Does that make him any less of a man?
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