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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Originally Posted by muttley
You make some good points you drink?
Na i dont drink or smoke but like i have no problem with people who do I just do dont get when people are pushed into it or start to try and fit into a group. I am also not a man of faith so i do dont it for what i believe in or anything like that either it's just a choice i made so i can train harder and longer then people who would drink and smoke alot.

But with Drugs it is like a area i hate and feel it is a huge weakness in ones charecter and now i can judge Johns because i dont know if the story is fully true or what but when it comes to drugs i just feel anyone who takes them and needs them is weak.

Now i understand people who are depressed use some kind of drugs and aslong as they are legal thats fine but when it comes to fixing ones self with a drug from the streets i just cant understand that i really dont. I get high on training blood sweet and tears and that is deadset serious and the harder i push the better I feel and with this AFL,NRL soccer boxing whatever stars do this i just wonder how great they really could be without it.
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