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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Originally Posted by muttley
Yeah, I agree, it shouldn't be a big deal, but unfortunately, he was caught with illegal drugs, and now the press will have a field day, because he is apparently a 'role model'

I've heard stories going back years about Joey and his coke habit, and being passed out in his car up in Newcastle after big nights on the **** when he was going through his divorce.

In fact, a little bird told me back when Wendell was done for okie, that along with Lockyer and Johns, he was the biggest cokehead in the NRL.

Funnily enough, I read an article by Wendy when he got busted, and he said in the days after the bust, when he turned to his family and friends for support, the first thing he did was have dinner at Darren Lockyers house, and Joey was there
Heh, brings back memories of the "Andrew Johns is a coke fiend" thread.
You remember that?
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