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Default Re: Tszyu - where do Australian persons rank him amongst the all time best -questionmark-

Originally Posted by gatorage
He's an all-time great at 140, one of the most talented boxers in terms of pure ability you're likely to see (his amateur fights show how good his head movement and hooking off the jab were amongst other things)

...but even as my favourite fighter, his ego got him in two fights he could have won. Phillips fight, even with court distractions aside, he didn't listen to lewis telling him to watch Phillips right hand and box more. He spent the fight trying to blow Phillips out and walked into a huge punch. He was ahead on the scorecards, a smarter Tszyu (eg the one that adjusted to Tackie after realising he couldn't ko the guy) could have won that fight on points or as lewis had said, delayed the fight and got into better shape and taken Phillips more seriously.

Hatton fight, again I have the same concern. He was happy to fight Hatton's fight rather than stay on the outside and set up Hatton. Watching the fight is actually an interesting study in stamina. By the time Tszyu realises what he needs to do (stiff jab and set up for the right) he's got nothing left and can't keep Hatton off him. Middle rounds I thought Tszyu was just starting to take over but the start of the fight he'd expended too much and couldn't execute. His lack of powerful right hands in this fight was also a concern and I think shows his age for the first time. As George Foreman said 'Your brain knows it should be throwing the right, but the body just doesn't do it.'

Tszyu needed one more big name to really cement his place. A mosely, de la hoya, mayweather fight would have made a huge difference to his resume. He is left with a slight question mark because he lost to two fighters who in my opinion he should have beaten and both at a time that would have provided the superfight Tszyu needed.
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