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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Originally Posted by MSTR
Your point of view stinks of immaturity. You have a very naieve view of the world. If i could relate it to something, it would be like saying the best cure for unplanned pregnancies is abstenance. Both statements are equally flawed. Its not evil. People dont do it because they are weak. They don't rely on the drug in any way when talking ecstasy and lower level sorts. They just do it for a good time on the odd occasion for the most part. You make it sound so sinister. Do some research. Look at the link i provided. Don't listen to all the people who say what it could 'potentially do" either. look at the actual proven effects. You will be very suprised. I find it funny that when people like yourself have very high moral standards, that they love to look down their nose at other people. I don't look down at people like yourself who don't drink or take drugs. Personally it doesn't really change my opinion of someone what so ever. If that is the sort of thing that governs your opinion on someone then you are living a pretty shallow life.
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