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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Originally Posted by EelsRule
mmm, droping some pill manufactured god knows where is no worse than drinking a few beers. OK, you sound like you have dropped a few too many and you may be getting into the wacky spaced out MSTR catagory. Like,wow, maaan...expand your mind man!!!
I think you both need to talk to a doctor about the harm ecstacy can and usually does do...and before you go on about the harmful affects of alcohol I know. I've shared this board with Ozstriker for a year know. The odd beer wont hurt you, alcoholism will. Eccy might kill you in one hit.
But in all seriousness keep it up. Australia is over crowded as it is.
Your just proving your ignorance. Go into the link at the start of the thread that I posted and ACTUALLY read about it. I did one better and actually went and read a couple books about it.

Then come back to me. The chances of it killing you in one hit are less then the chance of being eaten alive by a shark.

No one is claiming it is really good for you. But look at the adverse effects of binge drinking and smoking in comparison

As for your comments at the start, it doesn't make you TRIP out or hallucinate.

As for who makes it, people test them reguarly. In fact site like and others actually give detailed ****ysis on the contents. Regardless, if you get on it 5 times a week your a hopless c*nt and deserve whats coming to you.

if you have a couple maybe once a month the effects are almost completely non existent. No one is saying go out and start a massive habbit like you are making out. You have completely exaggerated here. It is SOOOO common place EelsRule I can't describe. Being 21 and the fact that I go to pubs and clubs regularly I see just how many people are on it. Most nights I would see as many people taking it as drinking. Do you really think that most of Australia is out to kill themselves, or that maybe its not as bad as you have been lead to believe?

In the end, why do you care. Why does that change your opinion on someone for? Are you that judgemental?
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