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Default Re: The Great Andrew Johns Not So Great

Anyone watching the Footy Show?


I didn't expect this! He's sticking to his 'unknown person' story, but then he said that he knew what it was, and was intending to take it. Gus Gould interrupted him at that point and requestioned him about this 'unknown person' and Joey just said it again, and said that it's happened before, when someone he doesn't know has come up and just given him an E.

So Gus asked him if he knew what it was when he was given it, he said yes, so Gus said that would suggest it wasn't the first time, and Joey said it wasn't, and then he admitted to taking E's for the last 10-12 years, during the season, during the off-season, that sometimes playing in the big games he was thinking about the final whistle so he could go and neck a pill.

He's been very candid about it, but the one thing that I'm not liking is that he's hinted that depression is his reason for taking E's, and now, after the adbreak, he's focusing on it even more, which is making it sound like an excuse.
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