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Default Re: my getting in shape for the army log

Originally Posted by Mohak View Post
This is the shittest log in ESB history. Even Youngtypo's log makes more sense and the dude has the intelligence and common sense of a retarded Bonobo monkey on meth. Either put the effort into making a proper log or just end it. How can you expect to be Airborne if you can't be bothered making a basic internet workout log? Do you know what 'Airborne' is? Do you understand what it takes to be a Shock Trooper? Pull your finger out and put the ****ing effort in. That or join Logistics or 'Fag Corps' aka line infantry. They love people who sit around doing **** all.

Last time I'm asking this: What time did you run? How many push up's, sit up's and pull up's can you do?
i ran two miles in 20 minutes, and in two minutes i can do 35 push ups, pull ups im still working on one, and sit ups i can do 50 in two minutes.

at boxing we started off our workout with 10 minutes of running to warm up. did various stretch routines, then gloved up.

we did 8 rounds on the bag. 1st round involving different combinations the coach called out, 2nd the same, 3rd round we did ten drills, 4th round we did ten drills, 5th round-6th round we did 26 drills, 7-8th rounds we did 30 second drills. the minute rest bell in between rounds. we do 25 jumping jacks.

finished off with a couple of laps and 100 jumping jacks.

a light workout as the coach had to leave early.
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