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Default Re: my getting in shape for the army log

Originally Posted by tri-pod View Post
sadly at the moment yes it was. but i have increased my time greatly from the half hour it took me a month and a half ago.

i've also been getting over shingles this past month so i can now kick it in to full gear finally and have started to thus far.

No problem, training is about admitting your weaknesses improving on them.

If there's a running club nearby sign up. Don't rely on boxing or yourself to improve your times. Running clubs are awesome way to smash run times. When I first wanted to sign up I was really unfit and joined a running club to help my training. In a few months my fittness hit the roof and now I can do 5 miles in 34 mins. Which I'm not happy about.

All you do in boot camp is push ups, sit ups and pull ups. Just do as many as you can everyday and slowly you'll see the results. Remember, quality not quantity. If you do 50 ****ty push up's none will be counted in the fitness tests.

So, sign up for a running club, middle distance. You'll do all kinds of good stuff like 20x200m sprints, 6x3k's, 400m-300m-200m x 6, hill reps and all other kinds of very good training.
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