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Default Re: Fighting Saturday

First and foremost, let me say, injuries suck ****.

It was an RSC in the third round due to a separated shoulder I suffered half way through the second round. It literally popped out on me, but I guess my pride or stupidity wouldn't let me stop. The ref gave me a ****ing standing 8 even though my opponent was on the other side of the ring, and even had the audacity to ask if I wanted to stop.

Between rounds my coach asked about it, and kept asking if I wanted to stop. Obviously, my answer was a resounding "**** no!" over and over again, even though my right was practically numb.

Go out for the fourth, and was scoring pretty well with my jab and landed a few good counter left uppercuts inside of his jab, then the ref just jumps in and stops it. Needless to say, I was a LITTLE ****ed.

After the fight, the doctor checks my shoulder, says I should get it x-rayed so on and so forth. Later I found out I was ahead pretty clearly on all the scorecards when the ****ing fight was stopped. I could've danced around for a minute and been alright, but I guess they were just worried about my shoulder. Oh well, **** happens.

Felt pretty good until my shoulder gave out on me. I started a little wild, as it was my first fight in a while, but I got everything under control, and I feel like I did some good inside work. I feel really strong at this weight, as everything I threw with any conviction made him shell up, and tentative to throw any shots at me. I could've worked off the jab more, but I guess I WANTED to draw him into a fight, so I could see how hard I could bang at this lower weight.

I'll be getting a rematch as soon as I get done rehabbing this shoulder.
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