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Default Re: General strategic advice guide

Originally Posted by PH|LLA View Post
I like this thread alot.

how to break through the Philly Shell Defence (known here as the Mayweather style) is

1) on the outside, use a quick and snappy jab targeted between the eyes of your oponent and keep your distance.

2) on the inside, feint the overhand right and come down with a right to the body (or two or three) while using your left hand to hold the opponent's right arm back.

Mayweather is smart in that if you feint to the head and go to the body he will jam his elbow in your face. He is almost impossible to beat on the inside.

Throwing combinations against a master of the philly shell D will get you busted up. If you are gonna throw a combination then its best to push him backwards and then throw it
i use this guard quite alot and the best punch to it me with is a right hook its real hard to see coming and your kinda open to it also a left hook right hand combo works well and a left hook t ribs
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