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Default Re: If you were gonna make up a gang of ATG's to get into a gang war, who would u pick?

HW ATG's: Dempsey, Marciano, Liston, Jeffries, Sullivan, Foreman (George wanted Tyson), Holmes (Larry wanted George), Jack Johnson. (Battle royale background. 'Nuff said.)

Other ATG's: Duran, Greb, Walker, Jeff Chandler (while Bantamweight Champion in 1982, he actually did hold off several attackers during a traffic altercation, until one of them resorted to stabbing him in the shoulder with a broken bottle, leaving a distinctive scar. This construction worker is one tough little guy). LaMotta. (Mean, mean, mean.) Basilio. Jack Blackburn (Survived his brother's slashing of his throat, then shot and killed a man. Carried a knife scar on his face.) Gans. (Another battle royale veteran.) Camacho. (Never lost a street fight. Dirty antagonist.) Fitzsimmons. (Actually went after Wyatt Earp, after Earp disqualified Bob against Tom Sharkey in 1896. Earp wisely drew a gun. You know, if referees carried guns today, boxers wouldn't ignore them so much. Perhaps mace would be a more suitable alternative.)
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