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Default Re: Did you like Frank Bruno in the 80's and/or 90's?

Originally Posted by fluxstuff
Just some additional thoughts on what you were saying, from my perspective at least.
but they know they aint world class fighters and poeple saying that thewy aint isnt goign to help.

danny was great at being a slugger but had a decent jab and footwork to box.

and skelton as horrible as he was in the sprott fight the williams-skelton II was hilariuos danny went in to be the bigger man becuase thats what happend in the first fight which was when danny hurt him and felt if i come in big enough i can take him if im built enough...he didnt know that matt had been watching a few ray leonard fights and went in to bolo punch and move and box.

it's stupid to say that he shoudl fight danny when danny was made to be on the inside just keep him on the end of a jab...why not.
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