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Default Re: Tszyu - where do Australian persons rank him amongst the all time best -questionm

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
Anyone else put him top ever 10?

Or have the Americans here made you scared to hold such views?
On a side note, i actually respect quite a few of the US posters here. Their boxing knowledge is very good. At the same time though, I like the fact that you actually use your own opinion and beliefs when discussing boxing.

Its good to see that some people can look past the cliched views of the average boxing fan and be an individual. If i were to make a generalization about the US posters, it would be that they love to follow popular opinion at times, even though it would appear to be wrong, as it ensures acceptance among the other posters. IMO it would be pretty boring if we all sat around and said: Pernell Whitaker the best against all else head 2 head, Sugar ray Robinson the best of all time without doubt ect ect. You know what I mean (I think).

That said though, that is a generalization, and doesn't apply to all. As said above, some of the US posters are very good and also very objective, maybe more so then a lot of other nationalities who use these boards.
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