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Default Re: Competing in Amateur Boxing

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Step one would be joining a boxing gym
I know.

I'll do so once I find a decent one.

Originally Posted by avk47 View Post
Join a boxing gym, wait till the trainer arranges for you to get carded and medicalled, then he will get you matches.
So how long after joining a gym can I expect to get matches, or is it whenever he thinks I'm ready? Only asking cos I'm nearly 17 already so if I wanna be serious I need to get a move on.


Also, I know these are ridiculously stupid questions but honestly I don't have a clue about amateur boxing beyond watching the Olympics. How does the scoring work at this lower sort of level? Is it just a judge(s) who score the fight round by round like in the professionals?

Also what happens regarding equipment, or rather ring apparell, you know the head guard, vest, shorts etc. Are you expected to buy your own? And do you need 2 lots for red & blue?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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