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If it was a GP you went to you will want a second opinion. There not trained to spot spoting injuries. avoid the injections at all costs as there de generative and will in the long run do more damage. Tendinitus can be cured via physio depending on the cause and severity. I used to get it in my left knee every year or so. My sport was non impact though so i used to get it taped up if i had alot on that week but you must rest unless you cant avoid doing so. Take stuff like glucosamine. Not sure how much difference it makes but its cheap enough to give it a go. 2x1000mg a day + cod liver oil ice and compression will help too as well as hot and cold treatment. A good sports Dr will charge around £100 for a consultation but go on reputation as well as cost. Also check there qaulifications. A physio will charge about 30 a session and id use these after a propper diagnosis from a sports MD
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