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Default Re: I'll 'slap' Dane to the canvas - Joe Calzaghe

Originally Posted by Max Molyneux
Didn't he lose 4 Vs Mundine?

On one Andrade scorecard he lost 1 round too.
I don't really think you are interested in the truth (unless it makes Kessler look bad), but since you did ask, I'll answer.
Kessler lost 4 rounds against Mundine on one scorecard (so much of your post was kind of right ), a second scorecard had him losing 3 rounds and 2 rounds a draw, on the final scorecard, which was ridiculous, he won all the rounds.

Regarding Andrade, it seems like you remember what you wish to remember, but the fact is that all three scorecards read 120-108, so he did not lose a round.
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