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Default Re: General strategic advice guide

Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
heres a wee bit

inside fighting:

In a clinch lean on your opponents strong arm to stop them punching

Move and create new angles in close

Dont put all your weight on opponent because if they move your off balance

Dont tie up if you dont have to punch instead especially in Ams people dont expect it and it demoralises them

Throw a slapping right hand and paw your opponentsleft glove away from their face to make room for a right hook (same with left hand)

Try to double up hooks to head and body so you make your opponents guard move but dont get too predictable
Open up the guard by punching to the body, it doesn't matter if it's close to his kidneys, because the intention is to draw his elbow away. As soon as the gap shows between his elbows, throw an uppercut. The classic right hook - right uppercut combination James Toney likes so much, it works very often.
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