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Default Re: General strategic advice guide

Originally Posted by TommyV View Post
I have to say, this is my favourite method also. That clip at 5:10-ish in the Haye-Maccarinelli fight is a perfect example. Obviously there's other ways to try and take the jab away, a much more difficult way for example would be perhaps turning southpaw and jabbing over the top, but it's still not going to take his jab away is it, it just means you are working extra hard to deal with it in a more effective way.

Timeing a simple jab, stepping and landing a huge punch like the one in the Maccarinelli fight is going to make him think twice about throwing it again, and therefore you are limiting his range finder and reach to an extent.
theres no need to turn southpaw just throw a right lead over the top works good but takes alot of practise and you can follow it up with a left hook, its a great move

or throwing your own jab short then stepping in with straight right on their jaw can make guys think about it
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