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Default Re: where to keep your eyes?

Originally Posted by Butch Coolidge
My point is experienced boxers don't focus on one thing in particular, they just look at the opponent. I wouldn't concentrate on an opponent's legs too much at all unless he was going to kick me or something like that. I think looking at somebody's legs would probably get you KOed almost as fast as not paying any attention at all. This is coming from a guy who was trained by an ex fighter whose trainer also trained Joey Maxim.
Well obviously you didn't read what I wrote. I never said to stare at there legs, I even said doing so is not recommended at all. I just said if there is a moment during a weave or duck, where there arms/shoulders are out of view, then it is possible to tell the next punch coming from glancing at the legs and hips. This coming from someone who has boxed his whole life and has been trained by 2 professionals and is now a couch.
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