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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by MoneyPunch
He'd fought 6, one side rounds in 2 or 3 years, and was 35 years old!
Kostya was chosen because he was injury prone, been inactive, yet was still recognised as the man.

Go watch the middle rounds of the fight, see who was landing cleaner, and controlling distance, when not a wrestling match, then tell me Mayweather couldnt do that for 12 rounds.

Cotto is bigger, better and stronger.
You've brought this whooping upon yourself. You've made your bed now you must sleep in it.

This isn't about Mayweather or Cotto. I love it when people say moronic things like this. There is always somebody out there that you will get with. He'll beat Floyd and Cotto and you'll come up with stupid **** like - he couldn't do this to Paul Williams. You'll always find someone to hide behind. What would happen with Mayweather and Cotto is an OPINION. What happened with Tszyu and Castillo is FACT.

Now let's talk about Tszyu.

Tszyu had fought 7 months earlier against the consensus number 1 140 pounder. Take into consideration Tszyu has 14 week training camps so is ready in every shape and form.

Prior to that he hadn't fought in about 20 months BUT had trained to fight Mitchell about 3 or 4 times! Each time he'd been in camp for many months. So he had the training camps without the wear and tear of any fights.

You can't complain about sharpness because his timing, range, accuracy was spot on and brutal against a slick, fast, southpaw in Mitchell.

The intensity in which Tszyu managed to fight Hatton with is even more proof that he wasn't finished as a fighter.

The anti-Hatton argument via the Kostya Tszyu fight is manure at best.
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