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Default Re: Ulisis Solis VS Brian Viloria

Originally Posted by lv lurker View Post
mccline and juarez do seem to get lots of title shots and came up short like brian has, but there is a difference. brian brutally knocked out the flyweight champ and took his belt in one round. mccline and juarez havent held belts, and likely never will.
and lets not forget that contreras was battered into a coma damn near death in a fight with viloria. you ever almost kill someone at your job? if not, could you understand how that would make you a little more timid?
i hope thats all just water under the bridge. the kid has looked pretty good his last couple of fights and he knows this could be his last shot to revive his career. look for brian to fight with an intensity we all thought was lost for good.
No he knocked out a Light Flyweight TITLE HOLDER and that title holder was Eric Ortiz so lets not get to excited. And since then has yet to look anything close to impressive even in his wins not to mention his loses to muchlesser fighters.
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