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Default Re: Ulisis Solis VS Brian Viloria

Originally Posted by asero View Post
you said that viloria is the juarez in 108?

how come? show me the similaries, i'll tell you their differences...

viloria's heart was in questioned, juarez is a gutsy warrior
viloria had been a champion, how about juarez?
viloria has a one punch KO ability...
juarez has a limited footwork and lateral movements, hence limited ability...viloria had a limited spirit in his fights

with that above, i think your the idiot
Both were talented prospects with a big punch who when they reached the top level became gun shy and reluctant to mix it up.

Both have showed heart at times and other times show complete lack of interest in the sport and look like the ring is the last place they wanna be. Both have one punch KO power against B level opp but neither has shown the power at the elite level.

Again you are an idiot.
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