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Default Re: Most underappreciated HW champ?

Originally Posted by amhlilhaus
we don't flame in here, so I'll be civilized. for those who think this, why would king want someone like ruiz as his champion? he gets options on the other guy so he'd still have the champion, and if anything would have been fixed by king then andrew golota would be champion, but didn't have the guts to fight hard for 12 rnds and thought after the first four rounds he didn't have to try anymore.
King thought he could capture the Latino market with a "Latino HW champ." What he didn't count on was that Latino fans are some of the most knowlegable in the sport, and they know a talentless fraud when they see it.

With Ruiz, it's not just the gift decisions, or King's manuevering of the ratings either - it's the blatant and continuous violation of the rules against excessive holding; and even worse, the faked "low blows" in several fights. Why did Ruiz do this? He didn't have the ability to compete legitimately at the world class level. And King helped him get away with it.

What's all this talk about Ruiz in this thread for anyway? All he ever was was a paper titlist - and a fraudulent one at that.
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