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Default Re: Ulisis Solis VS Brian Viloria

Originally Posted by FINITO View Post
STFU foos.. Even monkeys can fall off the trees..

im 3/4 this week and that's good.. One wrong prediction.. wow ****in kill me..

Most people who picked Viloria are the pinoys.. they picked him just because he's pinoy.. no surprise there.. and another funny thing is.. Alot of people picked Viloria on the polls after the fight ended.. LOL wtf.. Bogus ..

WEll good pick anyway to the ones who picked BEFORE the fight.
You're right, a lot picked Viloria after the fight. I think it was 25 to 13 in Solis favor in another poll last week. I myself didn't pick him, I said It would be Viloria by KO in 3 but it was more of a prayer than prediction. In most of his fights, Viloria was competitive, event dominating in early rounds but tended to lose steam as the fight progressed. I'm just glad that he didn't this time around. Great win for him, I hope he'll sustain such performance in his future fights.
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