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Default Re: Ulisis Solis VS Brian Viloria

Originally Posted by lv lurker View Post
i did a normal count, not 10 seconds mind you and i was at 6 when bruce waved it off. he didnt even point brian, as he went to the neutral corner himself, but he didnt even check! now i realize that archie was down for a long time but when you pick up the count at 6 or 7 after a fighter has been in there for a rough and tough fight for 11 rounds, can you understand how he would be too discouraged to get up?
also understand, my guy won. he was on his way to winning from the first round, but because of the gray areas brought on by bruce mctavish, it takes away from what would have been a victory for brian nonetheless.

The ref doesnt count when the fighter is ready to be counted. The count starts once u hit the canvass, That's why in the ring side someone counts there.

When the fighters gets KD, someone will already start counting not the ref. That's why on cases of KD, ref looks onto someone to know what count already is.

Start counting when Solis hands are down, and its a 10 count before he even waves off the fight.

Brian already went to the corner so no need to put him there. And Bruce was more concerned on Solis.
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