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Default Re: Leonard Does NOT Deserve To Be Recognized As 5 Divison Champ!!

Originally Posted by smitty_son408 View Post
*I have made this thread before, but can't find it and too lazy to search*

Do you agree that Sugar Ray un-deservingly recieved status as a champ in 5 divisions?? The entire Lalonde situation just bewilders me and actually makes me sick. How can you fight at the limit of 168lb's and be considered a 175lb champion...absolutely disgusting. That situation was a blackmark on boxing, no man is bigger than the sport and it showed how one figure could manipulated a situation to his benefit.

From this day forward Leonard should be officially a 4 weight champion NOT 5. Anyone disagree, please state your premise
His greatness is what gives him the 5 title status. Back in 1987 Hearns was the first one to win titles in 4 divisions. Well since that was Leonard's buddy he probably felt he wanted to top it. Well Hearns was going to fight Fulgencio Obelmejias for the WBA title 3 days before Leonard was to fight Lalonde for his below the weight thing for two titles. Fully Obel pulled out of the fight and Tommy fought Kinchen for the new WBO belt. So Hearns is more legit at 5 than Ray, in my mind. Ray never really won the lightheavyweight title since he fought Lalonded when Donny weighed 168.
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