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Default Re: Durelle - How hard could he hit?

Well, Archie Moore stated after his career was over that the first right hand Durelle floored him with was the hardest punch he was ever hit by.

This can be a crucial distinction from who the hardest puncher is that one faces. For all we know, Cleveland Williams may have been the hardest puncher Ali ever shared the ring with, but that's not going to mean very much if the punch doesn't connect to begin with, and Big Cat only landed around six scoring punches on Ali.

Immediately after Moore lost to Marciano, Archie stated, "He is the strongest fighter I've ever been in with. I don't know that he's the hardest hitter, but he certainly hits hard enough." Perhaps it's telling that Moore, who had an excellent relationship with Marciano (and apparently all his opponents) did not definitively finger Rocky as the hardest puncher he faced after their meeting, but later asserted after his career that Durelle hit him the hardest. (For Holmes, the hardest hitter was Shavers, while the strongest was Cobb.) The Mongoose made an interesting claim, and the footage makes it clear that it was a monstrous shot Durelle hit him with. Referee Jack Sharkey said that Moore was cross-eyed on the floor after that punch, but the Gob let it continue, and rightly so, as it turned out.
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