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Default The boxing equipment thread

It seems like many people are wondering about equipment in boxing. Here, you can share your knowledge with your experiences, or make an inquiry. Here are some good sites:

I have developed a system for reviewing an item and each criteria would be marked out of 5.

Effectiveness - How well said item does its job
Style - You need to look good don't you?
Durability - No point buying something which will last 5 minutes
Cost - Last but not least.

Well, I'll start.

Adidas Tygun boxing boots

I adore these boots. Lightweight and very comfortable, it will have you glide across the ring. The suede at the front gets dirty easily however. Offers great protection to the ankles and isn't too stiff.

Effectiveness - 4/5. Does what it says on the tin.
Style - 5/5. I love the classic style with the suede and leather.
Durability - 3.5/5.Seems quite durable, but the sole is wearing away.
Cost - 4.5/5. 30.00 on ebay? result!

More to come
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