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Default Re: Leonard Does NOT Deserve To Be Recognized As 5 Divison Champ!!

Originally Posted by Gesta View Post
Did Henry Armstong have titles in different weight divisons?, if he was beaten should his victor obtain all the belts?
if he had all 3 titles yeh and then he was at FW and lost in a 15 rounder yes IMO he should have lost all his titles

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Leonard is 1 of my favourite fighters but I regard him as a 4 weight champ that had the ability to become a 5 weight champ legitimately.

After all, he did KO the LHWT champion, albeit at 168.

Same with Duran & RJJ, 4 weight champs that could/should have been 5 weight champs since Duran would have murdered any LWWT champion at the time he fought SRL at WWT & RJJ likewise vs any CWT in the same time frame he beat Ruiz at HWT.

I also dont regard DLH as a 6 weight champ since he never beat Sturm or Hopkins.

Hearns, DLH & Mayweather are the only legit 5 weight champs to me.

i disagree because these guys did actually win the titles maybe not to your satisfaction but they did do it and taht is some feat by itself
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