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Default Re: Alexander Gurov-will he win on Friday?

Originally Posted by giggigreto
I was there
If not for his excessive holding, Cantatore would have been knocked out inside three, if Gurov was allowed to box.
I had 9-3 for Gurov, he won the first 7 rounds hands down, at least !!!

I didnīt score the fight round per round, I know that Gurov won all the early rounds sure. But I know also, that he gassed out quickly (not at the 11th or so) and that Cantatore, if he would be a bit faster, could have knocked him out at multiple times, Gurov was often groggy. You said that Cantatore holded often early, but what did Gurov later? I immagine for example the 11th round where he was standing KOīd, here he was the one who holded. Giggigreto, you know it as an Italian also, Cantatore isnīt popular in Italy because of his trash-talking and because he has such a good managment and others, more talented Italian fighters not, but thatīs not a reason for contorting the facts, I rooted for the reserved and sympathic Ukrainian, but my scoring is fair... ( a draw, or 1 point more for Vincenzo or 1, 2 points more for Gurov)
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