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Default Re: Did Louis Draw The Color Line Line Johnson

How would these fighters fair agaisnt Loius. How would/did they fair against Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles. Though they were essentially from a different era, for reference, how would they have done agaisnt Marciano?
Some may have given Louis quite a bit of trouble. Lee Q Murray was 6'3 210lb Boxer Puncher he had the full package, he would have been a handful for Joe...but Murray was at times too aggresive and had trouble with counterpunchers, I think Louis would trap murray midway through the fight and finish him off. but not after visiting the canvas once or twice.

Lem Franklin would get knocked out and knocked out early, because he would not outslug Louis...but franklin had more firepower than any of Louis challengers since Max Baer, and had the goods to dump louis on his back multiple times...Franklins defense was wide open and even if he tags louis, louis will tag franklin more often and that will be it. Franklin though would have been louis most dangerous title challenge ever in 1941 with franklin off that huge winning streak.

Jimmy Bivins? match already happened in 1951, 37 year old Louis jabbed bivins to death, won easy decision and hurt him a couple times.

Louis vs Elmer Ray- Louis actually knocked Ray out in a exhibition in 1948. I went over this matchup many times, Ray had the punching skills to knock Louis out, the long arms to land big punches at long range, and inside fighting skills to swarm all over him, but ultimatley he did not have the durability to handle Louis punches and that would be his downfall. Ray is the best out of all these opponents though, while Murray was 2nd best.

Thompson with his left hook and short crouch, he could give louis problems the way galento did...but thompson was not skilled, Louis will get up off the floor and rain down on turkeys parade..Jabbing combinations setting traps turkey didnt have the skills to handle any of this.

Harry Bobo would be a good fight, but he was a bit made for Louis. A 6'4 standup slugger, if he lands he is going to hurt louis, but this kind of style Louis creamed during his career...louis will pick Bobo apart and bobo despite strength and punching power, he lacked jab to keep louis off him. louis would do damage on bobo with his short hooks.

Now despite me picking louis over all of them, if he fought them all in a row I expect at least one of these punchers to crack louis chin for a upset early kayo before louis wins rematch. Louis missed out on fighting some real dangerous punchers.
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