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Default Re: Buster Douglas vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by KTFO
Sonny Liston.

You mean the kid who is still fighting four roundes in between spells in prison?

If Marciano had heard of him which I doubt he would not have been seen as a credible oponent for any of the Ring top 10 yet.


Beating Nino Valdes doesn't mean you cleaned out the heavy div.

Look at the ring magazine rankings for the presceeding years and then look at the people Moore beat over this period. It is not just about Valdez.


Louis wasn't the same fighter anymore since his weak chin was exposed by Walcott (among others). Marciano retired Louis.

Of course he wasn't the same fighter but even at the end of his career he was only beaten by lineal champions.

Beating a shot version of Louis is a bit like beating a shot version of god.


Beating handpicked lightheavies or shot fighters,ducking real threats. That's no achievement.

It is funny how these handpicked oponents were always the No1 contender when Marciano fought them.

It must have been a verry happy coincidence for him that the fighters he chose to hand pick were always ranked in the No1 spot.


Liston of 1958 would've annihilated Marciano. Marciano retired because he heard of Liston's success.

Liston was nobody when Marciano retired.


Marciano retired in 1955. Liston fought 8-rounders in 1955.

He would need a number of 10 or 12 rounders under his belt before he could even be a credible title challenger. He would also need wins over a few ranked contenders.

Bottom line is that the only way you would ever get Marciano and Liston in the same ring is either-

A. Marciano feasting on a green Liston for which he would rightly have been criticised.


B. Liston beating up on a shot Marciano on an ill fated comeback.

Useless. You proved before that you don't even know when Louis retired or how many rounds Liston fought in 1955.
Tokyo-Douglas would school Marciano,end of story.
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