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Default Re: Alexander Gurov-will he win on Friday?

Originally Posted by giggigreto
Luigi, I scored the first 7 rounds for Gurov, then i stopped scoring, looking for a KO, because I alrealdy knew who won on points.
The impression I got is that Cantatore was the better man in the last 2 rounds, and Gurov gassed out by the 8th. 8, 9 and 10 round are up for grabs. You can score for Cantatore if you want, the substance doesn't change.
The point is that is illegal to continuosly clinch in that way.
If the referee deducted some points from Cantatore and discouraged him from holding, Gurov would have KOed him, and we were not here talking about a debatable and controversial fight. His superiority when both guys were fresh was embarassing.
Gurov was holding when he was tired, at the end of the fight.
Cantatore clinched deliberately, as a tactic to not being knocked out, early and through the whole fight..

But you are right, Cantatore is not popular among the tiny group of boxing fans in italy, because of his habit to continuosly break the rules and be his own referee, despite the fact he is a mediocre fighter.
His manneurism a-la Rocky is disgraceful, he likes to act like a stereotypical boxer to the general public, a poser that gets all the attention other boxers much more deserve, just by being the big clown that he is imitating rocky balboa...
He bends the rules at his own will, because his public doesn't even have an idea what these rules are

Exactly, I agree with you, I don´t like him,too (all his hyperbolical parols, etc. ) but my point was just, that if he should have been warned for holding you could have done the same with Gurov later (but you´re right, all in all, Vincenzo holded longer and much more), this fight was close, but it was far away from a robbery or so...
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