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Default Re: A jack of all trades and master of most of them

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo
Ha obvoiusly you never watched his amatuer fights. He is far from one dimensional to say the least.

He could box or turn it up when it came to power. he outboxed slick southpaws and always caught them napping.

I cant believe you think Kostya is one dimensional.

does this look one dimensional to you.

And his record speaks for it self against Slick Southpaws to Powerful Orthodox fighters.
Tyszu isn't master of all trades though. Things he isn't good at:

Defense - hes not hard to tag and is pretty much a take a punch to land a punch type of fighter. Ricky Hatton, Phillips, Mitchell, Judah, Hurtado all had no problem teeing off on him

Pressure - he can't deal with pressure because he can't maintain a high workrate himself

Speed - he can be a little slow of hand and foot

He can box very well, counter excellently, he has great power, he can seek and destroy, he can pressure boxers well too.
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