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Default Re: Holyfield's wins against...

Bill1234 - I would agree that Moorer was certainly dominating that fight against Foreman, but nontheless George still did land the right hand and become HW champ, that has to be worth something.

Larry did win more rounds than Foreman but you have to remember that Holyfield suffered a bad cut halfway through the fight, which meant he fought very cautiously the rest of the fight against Larry. Perhaps had he not been cut, Holyfield would have won more rounds against Holmes.

I agree that Holmes win over Mercer was very impressive and that is something that has to be factored in, I guess I put just a little more weight on the fact that George knocked out Moorer and recaptured the HW title.

I guess I disagree with the notion that the Holmes of the 90s had any significant advantages over the prime Holmes. I suppose he was a bit more powerful, but considering what he had lost in terms of speed, I don't think that was a good trade off.

Where as the Foreman of the 90s was clearly better in some respects to the prime Foreman. Would you not agree? 90s Foreman had better stamina, used his jab more effectively, and overall was a smarter fighter tactically than the prime Foreman. Now no question prime Foreman was still superior overall given the vastly superior speed and reflexes which he was able to throw punches (which makes his power a little better as well in my opinion since he was throwing his power shots with more velocity).

Also, remember the question was which win is more valuable to Holyfield. No doubt Holyfield looked much more impressive against Foreman than he did against Holmes - to me that is part of the reason it is worth more.

Now whether George or Larry was better in the 90s is a different question = I am willing to concede that Larry might have been a shade better (I have not seen most of Foreman's or Larry's HW fights from the 90s).

But I would still say that for Holyfield, his win against Foreman is worth a little more.
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