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Default Re: Joey Maxim , Underated ?

Originally Posted by he grant View Post
I was studying Maxim's record the other day and two things stand out. They are his durability and his level of opposition.

In 115 bouts he was only stopped once and he immediately came back to fight and later defeat the same opponent. Maxim had 27 decision loss on his record but nine of those came against Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore and Jersey Joe Walcott. If you take out the losses to perhaps the two greatest light heavyweights of all time and a great heavyweight champion, Maxim looks far more impressive. In addition, he defeated Walcott once as well as placed the first loss on future heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson ...

Some thoughts on Maxim ...
Maxim to me is an example of a merely good talent who over achieved. Part of boxing is who's in shape, who's tough, and who wants it more.

But in terms of talent, Maxim does not impress me a whole lot on film. Joey had a good jab, but that's about it on offense. Not much power, not much of a hook, and tad stiff. Maxim was not going to beat anyone with speed or power alone, but he could wear fighters who were not 100% ready in his own methodical, and lackluster way.

Joey had great stamina, kept punching, and had one of the best chins at light heavyweight. To be honest, I don't see Maxim as a top all time great at light heavyweight. He lacked the tools to beat most of the best light heavies.
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