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Default Re: A jack of all trades and master of most of them

Originally Posted by Sizzle
Haven't seen much at all of Tszyu as an amateur, and I have to admit that footage surprised me, the final round anyway - Outboxing a very accomplished fighter in Forrest on the backfoot.

But he barely fought that way as a professional - And if he was confident doing it, and there was a perfect time to do it, it was against Hatton who outworked him thoroughly on the inside. Hatton just wore Tsyzu down, and it did seem he felt more comfortable slugging it out with him.

Beating a range of fighters with different qualities doesn't mean you have a range of qualities yourself - Plenty of all time greats, Willie Pep, Henry Armstrong etc were limited in particular areas, but they were so good in others it didn't matter and they could defeat fighters with just about any style.

BTW I can't believe anyone mentioned Mayweather or Roy Jones Jnr. They don't fit the bill at all IMO.
Its funny you know you watch that tape or youtube footage and you think why didnt Kostya box like that sometimes as a Pro. I can only say different coaching. after Kostya left the USSR he came to Australia and learnt from Johnny Lewis who had trained the likes of Jeff Fenech and Jeff Harding. An you can see how Kostya changed from a Boxer with Power the a Power guy.

Thats what i mean he had great talent and made that switch from being more a slick quick fighter to a the guy you seen as a Pro.
The early years of Kostya were scary i mean 32-9 against Forrest as an amatuer into a fighter that started to get lazy and rely on his Power.
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