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Default Re: MSTR thank god for Cotto

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo
i mean i know i gave you some stick about Cotto and his chin. but i will say now the Judah vs Cotto fight has been the best fight so far this year for me.

i mean Hatton was shocking again yet the board is going sick with how great they think he is. when i feel Cotto's win over a prime guy is far better to me. and at least Zab and Cotto throw punches my god Hatton just waits until he knows he will hit once to the body then move in at the same time then hold. then while holding hit low and rabit punch aswell.

can you say so not worth the mopey that they want us to pay.
same goes for PBF well unless he is fighting Gatti he might actually let his hands go.

MSTR Cotto has now become apart from Pacman the most exciting boxer for me in our sport which was invented to be the most exciting sport in the world yet we have had some F-ING f****'s of late.

Spinks-Taylor comes to mind
Hatton -Anyone (let your Hands go Ricky maybe you might actually get some qaulity fans.)
PBF vs Anyone lately aswell (PBF fans will be going but its the sweet scince yeah and i agree but when they were handing out hearts and ***** did they need to miss PBF) he so could be the next Ray Leonard yet how can you when you have no ***** or heart like Ray did.

go Cotto i say.
Thats awesome. I am glad people are finally starting to appreciate his style. I wasn't sold at first either, but the more I saw of him the more impressed I became. I love the way he hunts down his opponents and is always in it for the KO. He doesn't clinch inside either, and is very exciting to watch. Very solid technical fighter.
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